ok! Protect

ok! Protect

Deiters' natural response
to protect eyes and ears

Modern life exposes us to a series of external factors that are a constant aggression for our eyes and ears. Soothing, protecting and disinfecting our precious senses in a natural and effective way is the aim of our
of Wops’ and EPS! solutions, from our Protect range.

Wops’ moisturizing solutions are intended for the relief of dryness and eye fatigue
by gently moisturizing and cooling the eyes, ophthalmic solutions provide fast, soothing relief.
The unique lens solution ensures safe disinfection if needed and long-lasting protection from dry eyes and the unique lens solution ensures safe disinfection if needed weekly enzymatic cleaning. The wipes also ensure aseptic cleaning of the eyelids, eyelashes and eyelid margin.

The EPS! range of ear protection and care products includes silicone, wax or foam earplugs for swimming,
air travel or simply to insulate us from outside noise and provide us with a night’s sleep without interference.


Eye protection and care


Ear plugs

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