ok! Care

ok! Care

Deiters' natural response
for a healthier and more balanced life

Taking care of health in all its aspects is part of our commitment to life.
A commitment that is expressed through nutrition, hygiene, physical balance and,
of course, of conscious self-care of our health.

We want to help people who choose to embrace a healthy lifestyle with solutions that
make your day-to-day life easier and deliver the benefits and results you need to achieve your goals.

At Care, we believe that it is possible to promote new habits and a new awareness of the importance of natural self-care.


Relief, comfort and well-being


Food supplements to maintain a healthy weight


Food supplement for nausea, dizziness and vomiting. Natural, 100% ginger. For the whole family

Nutribelleza Deiters®

Skin care food supplement

Rosa mosqueta ®

100% pure rosehip oil


Food supplement to regulate intestinal transit. Soluble fiber

Deiters BASICS®

Phytotherapy, food supplements based on plant extracts with beneficial health properties

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