Copa con arándanos para cistitis

Cranberries are small fruits that have shown great potential for improving urinary health. Why? One of its components, known as proanthocyanidin (PAC), makes it more difficult for E. coli bacteria to adhere to the bladder walls.

The results obtained from numerous clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of cranberries in preventing urinary tract infections by inhibiting bacterial adherence. For this reason, the use of cranberry supplements is currently considered the treatment of choice by many specialists, whether combined with antibiotics, in episodes of cystitis, or as a regular supplement to prevent the appearance of infections.

However, not all supplements are the same. Not all include D-mannose in their formula, for instance. D-mannose is a natural ingredient that inhibits adhesion factors that cranberries cannot. This way, maximum protection is provided.

There are several advantages to taking this type of supplements:

  • They have no side effects and also, by reducing the number of episodes, they also help to reduce the use of antibiotics and, as a result, the resistance of bacteria to these drugs.
  • They have high tolerance.
  • They have no toxicity and can therefore be taken continuously.