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    Muscles and joints


Cremagel provides relief in the treatment of muscle or joint pain. Indicated for situations of acute or chronic pain when there are inflammatory processes or degenerative diseases of the joints, or rheumatic pains.

Ideal for athletes, since it relieves muscle contractures, blows and sprains and helps in warm up before exercise. For massages in painful areas and old injuries. Quick effect cold-heat, it is vasodilator and anti-inflammatory.It absorbs very fast and lets a pleasant smell. It does not stain the clothes.


Oil of seed of hemp (Cannabis sativa), with Cannabidiol (CBD), extract of árnica, extract of hipèric, extract of harpagofito, extract of licorice and extract of vanilla.

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Apply 2 or 3 times by the day on the zone affected realising a light massage until his complete takeover.

By means of the massage achieves a feeling of relief and comfort at augmenting mildly the temperature and achieve an effect vasodilatador.

Apt for the daily use.

No apt for minor boys of 3 years.

Tube 60ml CN 198810.2 

Tube 200ml CN 201953.9

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