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    If you want the best protection for your ears, try the Quies® range of earplugs. We present the most professional solutions for noise (made from wax, silicone or foam) water, cold or to avoid discomfort in airplane journeys. You will never find another range that can take such care of your ears.

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For people who want to isolate themselves from noises nearby want complete aural peace: sleeping, concentrating and so on are situations when Quies® wax earplugs are really very useful.

They are made from natural wax, completely hypoallergenic, and adapt to both the body temperature and the auditory canal. Ideal for using over long periods of time

Noise attenuation capacity: 27 decibels.

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Instructions for use: remove the protecting cotton from the plugs, and use the fingers to mould them into a shape adapted to the ear. Dispose after use.

Box of 16 earplugs (8 pairs). National Code 163232.6

Ask for the products you want at your usual retailer –chemist, parapharmacy, dietician– stating the national code number on the label.

Individual protection, complies with UNE-EN 352-2 standard.

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