Krill oil, the go-to for omega-3

Cápsulas aceite de krill

Krill is a small crustacean that lives in the cold, clean waters of Antarctica. The oil extracted from it has a high content in Omega-3 acids in the form of phospholipids, so they are water-soluble and more effective, since our body assimilates them much better than Omega-3 from fish oil, which is linked to triglycerides.

Krill oil does not need additives, because it already contains astaxanthin, the pigment that gives krill its reddish colour, acting as a natural antioxidant and giving stability.

Demonstrated: krill oil works better

To evaluate the effectiveness of krill oil, a study was conducted with patients with high risk of cardiovascular disease.
After 8 weeks taking 2 grams per day of Lipokrill brand fish oil, there was a high increase in the Omega-3 index in the blood. This is a key indication that Omega-3 from krill oil works better, because it passes perfectly from the intestine to the bloodstream and into the cells. Current diets are low in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and since the human organism cannot synthesise these, it may be advisable to supplement them.