If you want to sweeten dishes and drinks while cutting down on the calories, we have just what you need. This stevia-based natural sweetener is the ideal choice for those who want to watch their weight without giving up sweet treats. Also suitable for diabetics.

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Sucristevia, edulcorante líquido de stevia


This liquid stevia-based table sweetener makes food sweeter but is calorie-free! Just 4 drops of liquid Sucristevia® sweetens as much as one teaspoonful of sugar.

Sucristevia® does not contain artificial sweeteners, lactose or maltodextrin

It is ideal in hot or cold drinks, milk, yogurt, fruit salad, ice cream and so on. Thanks to its high solubility and heat resistance, it can also be used to bake desserts in the oven (cakes, biscuits, puddings, etc.).

Stir before using. Add 4 or 5 drops of liquid Sucristevia® to any food you want to sweeten.

50 ml bottle. National Code 174589.7

Table sweetener.

Ask for the products you want at your usual retailer –chemist, parapharmacy, dietician– stating the national code number on the label.

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