Enemigos grasa abdominal metro abdomen

Are you one of those who thinks beer that beer is the cause of what we know as “middle-aged spread”? Well, we can tell you that beer, if taken in moderation, has little to do with the tummy size. The problem, basically, is the gradual accumulation of fat that, in the case of men, is usually very frequent.

Just as many women accumulate fat around the hips, men tend to be more affected in the abdomen area. Do you know why this happens? Because, as is nearly always the case, several factors combine to cause problem. And in this case, the fact of being a man is one factor.

After the age of 30, the male hormonal system often suffers from a decline in the production of testosterone, the hormone whose many functions include helping the body to stay thin and muscular. This decline brings with it a deceleration of the metabolism that causes the body to store fat in the abdominal area. This, coupled with an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle that does not enable us to burn off so much fat, leads to a tummy that gets flabbier and less healthy with the years.

Can we do anything about this? Yes, of course we can! Just because the body has a tendency to accumulate fat here or there does not mean there is no solution. In fact, there are many men who keep the size of their abdomen very well controlled over the years. The secret is to follow a good, healthy diet and keep taking regular physical exercise.

Experts also recommend reducing our consumption of alcohol and sweet foods, as these contain a lot of “empty” calories. We should also remember the fat-burning properties of certain plants, such as green tea and grapefruit, orange or guarana extracts, available in the form of tablets in some supplements produced specifically for men. It’s worth a try!